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Dr. Ivet Dzhondrova

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Monday 14:00-19:00
Tuesday 14:00-19:00
Wednesday 10:00-19:00
Thursday 14:00-19:00
Friday 10:00-19:00
Saturday 10:00-16:00

Dr. Ivet Jondrova is a dentist in Sofia with interests in the field of aesthetic restorations, therapy and pediatric dentistry. Performs treatment and prevention of dental diseases after a thorough examination, establishment of oral status and development of an individual treatment plan. The aim of the practice is to work with modern dental materials and technologies.

Additional qualifications:

1. Basic & Expert level Dental Photography in April 2018 - Sofia, Bulgaria

2. Non-surgical periodontal therapy in May 2018 - Sofia, Bulgaria

3. Insulation with rubber dam in March 2019 - Sofia, Bulgaria

4. Composite restorations with Micerium in September 2021 - Sofia, Bulgaria

5. In search of the perfect imprint in October 2021 - Sofia, Bulgaria

6. Direct anterior restorations in October 2021 - Sofia, Bulgaria

7. Overcoming clinical challenges in February 2022 - Chicago, USA

8. Mastering adhesive & Restorative dentistry in February 2022 - Chicago, USA


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